Let Morton Auto make your car shine


Let Morton Auto make your car shine

Hand Car Wash. $12.00

Our detailer Anthony, will wash your car in the traditional fashion. Rinse, wash with soap and mitt, then rinse again. He does a great job, but refuses to wear a bikini – even if you ask nicely.

Snow Foam Car Wash. $25.00

We’re not afraid of technology at Morton Auto, so the Snow Foam system is right up our street. We basically coat your car in a thick layer of Snow Foam, making it look like a large cake covered in boiled frosting. Then clever science things happen before the car gets rinsed off, leaving a shiny, fast drying finish without smears, stains or dirt. It really is amazing.

Snow Foam Wash & Interior Vacuum. $29.00

Worried that you’ll discover a 6 month old Timbit under your drivers seat? Scared to reach down for that dropped change in case there’s something nasty in the carpet? Worry not. Anthony is brave and [...]

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfasud

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They say that love is blind, which probably accounts in part for a somewhat irrational love affair I once had.


If you’ve never driven an Alfa Romeo, then you might not fully understand the following. Even the lesser models, (except for a few years when Alfa were friends with Nissan) shared a common DNA which seemed to encourage enthusiastic driving. Years later when trying to get through Turin in the rush hour, I realised just how enthusiastically anything with wheels was driven on the Alfa’s home turf – it explained a lot.

I’d experienced and survived several white-knuckle drives in various Alfas, so I was on the lookout. At that time I knew a few people who had theirs for sale. I remember wondering, why would they want to sell these beautiful cars..?

In the early 1980’s I purchased a 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfasud. It wasn’t the fastest Alfa, but it was very pretty, [...]

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