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Let Morton Auto make your car shine

Hand Car Wash. $12.00

Our detailer Anthony, will wash your car in the traditional fashion. Rinse, wash with soap and mitt, then rinse again. He does a great job, but refuses to wear a bikini – even if you ask nicely.

Snow Foam Car Wash. $25.00

We’re not afraid of technology at Morton Auto, so the Snow Foam system is right up our street. We basically coat your car in a thick layer of Snow Foam, making it look like a large cake covered in boiled frosting. Then clever science things happen before the car gets rinsed off, leaving a shiny, fast drying finish without smears, stains or dirt. It really is amazing.

Snow Foam Wash & Interior Vacuum. $29.00

Worried that you’ll discover a 6 month old Timbit under your drivers seat? Scared to reach down for that dropped change in case there’s something nasty in the carpet? Worry not. Anthony is brave and thorough and will make your interior a fitting match for your gleaming exterior. You know it makes sense.


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