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Comfort Features for Your MINI and BMW

Morton Auto Custom Vehicle Coding

*Most Requested Features*


*Convenience & Vehicle Operation*

*Close Windows & Sunroof with KeyFob

*Unlock Doors When Car is Turned Off

*Daytime Running Lights (10 Settings to choose from)

*Digital Speedometer display for BMW’s

*Power Window Completion when vehicle is shut off

*Fog Lights with High Beams


*Scroll to bottom for a more complete list of code options for your vehicle*


*2006 to Present  MINI  Vehicles can be Custom Coded* 

*1999 to Present BMW Vehicles can be Custom Coded*

*Currently working on Older MINI’s*


Coding is a way for us to enable or disable features that are hidden within your vehicle’s CPU, From the factory some or most of these are not enabled for various reasons and they can be turned on or off at any time through a coding process. If the modules are in your vehicle the options are as well and if the modules are not there some features will not be available.



This type of coding will not void your Warranty because we

are using the software designed to code BMW’s and MINI’s,

we are not rewiring or splicing into modules that may cause

an issue.



Here are a few of the Options Available for most models.

*Scroll down to find Specific Models*


*R56 to 60-61-62-63 MINI and E46-E90-91-92-93 BMW 


          *Most Requested Features*


*Convenience & Vehicle Operation*

*Close Windows & Sunroof with KeyFob

*Unlock Doors When Car is Turned Off

*Fold Mirrors when vehicle locked or with KeyFob (if car has power folding Mirrors)

*Open and Close Convertible top with KeyFob

*Comfort Access Button to Close Windows & Sunroof (if equipped)

*Follow Me Home Light Settings

*Fog light used as cornering Lights ( if equipped)

*Daytime Running Lights (10 Settings to choose from)

*Start/Stop automatic memory (if equipped)

*Flash to Pass Feature

*Digital Speedometer Correction to Show True Speed

*Digital Speedometer display for BMW’s

*GPS time Correction (if equipped)

*Interior Light Settings

*Auto Locking Door Settings

*Side Mirror Tilt in Reverse (if equipped)

*Door unlock Options (1 door, -2 door,-fuel Door, rear hatch etc)

*Door unlock when Ignition is turned off

*Power Window Completion when vehicle is shut off

*Low Fuel Range Settings

*Welcome Lights (many settings to choose from)

*Turn on Vehicle lights with Key Fob

*Headlight Washer Control

*Wiper Settings and Windshield Washer control

*Brake Force Display settings

*Angel Eye Brightness (if equipped

*In Motion Video with Factory Nav

*Program the All Button to the Rest Function(like Prev Climate Control Versions)

*Individual Key Settings for above features

*Fog Lights with High Beams


HARDTOP / HATCHBACK   2-Door  Hatch  Front & Rear  1st Generation  2002-2006 R50 


 2nd Generation  2007-2013 R56
 3rd Generation  2014-2020  F56
 4-Door  Hatch    Front & Rear  3rd Generation  2015-2020  F55
CONVERTIBLE   2-Door  Trunk  Front & Rear  1st Generation  2005-2008  R52
 2nd Generation  2009-2015  R57
 3rd Generation  2016-2021  F57
CLUBMAN   3-Door  Split Doors  Front & Rear  2nd Generation  2008-2014  R55
 4-Door  3rd Generation  2016-2020  F54
COUPE  2-Door  Trunk  Front only  2nd Generation  2012-2015  R58
ROADSTER  2-Door  Trunk  Front only  2nd Generation  2012-2015  R59
COUNTRYMAN  4-Door  Hatch  Front & Rear  2nd Generation  2011-2016  R60
PACEMAN  2-Door  Hatch  Front & Rear  2nd Generation  2013-2016  R61





*There are a lot more coding options and some we see once we start the process with you vehicle*


*F Series MINI’s 2014 to Present and F Series BMW’s 2012 to Present* 


*All Current MINI and BMW’ Models can be Custom Coded*


*Angel Eye Brightness

*Running Lights,Standing Lights,Parking Lights settings

*Customized Rear Brake Light Settings(Pulse and Light control Several Setting to choose from)

*Windshield and Headlight Washer Custom Settings

*GPS time Clock Correction setting

*Comfort Settings(open and close windows and sunroof with KeyFob

*Doors unlock when Ignition is turned off

*Close Windows and Sunroof with Comfort Access on Door Handle

*Window Finish, Cycle will complete when vehicle is turned off

*Electric Folding Mirrors with KeyFob(if vehicle equipped)

*Electric Folding Mirrors with Comfort Access on Door Handle

*Comfort and Follow me Home Lighting Settings

*Fog Lights for cornering Lights(if equipped with fogs)

*Start Stop Function settings

*Gear Shift Indicator on Dash

*Front Fog Lights with High Beam

*Lock Vehicle when moving speed settings

*Mirror Tilt in Reverse if Power Folding Mirrors are installed(Standard on Some Models)

*Foot Control of Rear Window or Trunk if Veh Equipped

*Fuel Tank Reserve Warning Settings

*Double Blink Hazard Lights

*Ambient Light Settings Separate from Speedometer setting(Brightness exp)

*Turn signal setting up to 5 Blinks

*Park Distance Control(if veh equipped) Settings (Distance,Speed and Reverse Camera Settings)

*Convertible Top Closing with KeyFob

*Panic Alarm with Remote

*In Motion Video with Factory Nav


*Some other Custom Features are Available When we Log into the Car to be Coded*



*Pricing is as Follows*

$50.00– includes the first time backup of your current settings and one feature of your choice


$25.00– for each additional feature up to a max on $100.00 for all features


If for some reason during a service appointment the codes are replaced,we will redo the coding at no cost to you


Just call 506-801-8580 and press 2 for Stephen Moss

or email

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