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Custom Vehicle Coding BMW & MINI *!!!(CLICK HERE)!!!*

Comfort Features for Your MINI and BMW
Morton Auto Custom Vehicle Coding *Scroll to bottom for a more complete list of code options for your vehicle*


*2006 to Present  MINI  Vehicles can be Custom Coded*  *1999 to Present BMW Vehicles can be Custom Coded* *Currently working on Older MINI’s*


Coding is a way for us to enable or disable features that are hidden within your vehicle’s CPU, From the factory some or most of these are not enabled for various reasons and they can be turned on or off at any time through a coding process. If the modules are in your vehicle the options are as well and if the modules are not there some features will not be available.



This type of coding will not void your Warranty because we are using the software designed to code BMW’s and MINI’s, we are not rewiring or splicing into modules that may cause an issue.



Here are a few [...]

Paint Restoration and Interior Detailing

Car Cleaning and Scratch Removal

This is an example of the items Morton Auto can restore.

subaru-detail-colage-1 painte-restore-colage paint-reair


Let Morton Auto make your car shine

Hand Car Wash. $12.00

Our detailer Anthony, will wash your car in the traditional fashion. Rinse, wash with soap and mitt, then rinse again. He does a great job, but refuses to wear a bikini – even if you ask nicely.

Snow Foam Car Wash. $25.00

We’re not afraid of technology at Morton Auto, so the Snow Foam system is right up our street. We basically coat your car in a thick layer of Snow Foam, making it look like a large cake covered in boiled frosting. Then clever science things happen before the car gets rinsed off, leaving a shiny, fast drying finish without smears, stains or dirt. It really is amazing.

Snow Foam Wash & Interior Vacuum. $29.00

Worried that you’ll discover a 6 month old Timbit under your drivers seat? Scared to reach down for that dropped change in case there’s something nasty in the carpet? Worry not. Anthony is brave and [...]

1979 Alfa Romeo Alfasud

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They say that love is blind, which probably accounts in part for a somewhat irrational love affair I once had.


If you’ve never driven an Alfa Romeo, then you might not fully understand the following. Even the lesser models, (except for a few years when Alfa were friends with Nissan) shared a common DNA which seemed to encourage enthusiastic driving. Years later when trying to get through Turin in the rush hour, I realised just how enthusiastically anything with wheels was driven on the Alfa’s home turf – it explained a lot.

I’d experienced and survived several white-knuckle drives in various Alfas, so I was on the lookout. At that time I knew a few people who had theirs for sale. I remember wondering, why would they want to sell these beautiful cars..?

In the early 1980’s I purchased a 1979 Alfa Romeo Alfasud. It wasn’t the fastest Alfa, but it was very pretty, [...]

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