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Custom Vehicle Coding BMW & MINI *!!!(CLICK HERE)!!!*

Comfort Features for Your MINI and BMW
Morton Auto Custom Vehicle Coding

*Most Requested Features*


*Convenience & Vehicle Operation* *Close Windows & Sunroof with KeyFob *Unlock Doors When Car is Turned Off *Daytime Running Lights (10 Settings to choose from) *Digital Speedometer display for BMW’s *Power Window Completion when vehicle is shut off *Fog Lights with High Beams


*Scroll to bottom for a more complete list of code options for your vehicle*


*2006 to Present  MINI  Vehicles can be Custom Coded*  *1999 to Present BMW Vehicles can be Custom Coded* *Currently working on Older MINI’s*


Coding is a way for us to enable or disable features that are hidden within your vehicle’s CPU, From the factory some or most of these are not enabled for various reasons and they can be turned on or off at any time through a coding process. If the modules are in your vehicle [...]

Paint Restoration and Interior Detailing

Car Cleaning and Scratch Removal

This is an example of the items Morton Auto can restore.

subaru-detail-colage-1 painte-restore-colage paint-reair

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