Glare Paint Finish

Morton Auto a Certified Glare Dealer

Never Wax Again


Glare is a state of the Art Paint correction and protection process that is a 5 step procedure and requires 3 days for completion

We have completed the Glare Process on over 100 vehicles of all makes and models and below is a few photos of the results and process to complete.


View our gallery below for some great before and after shots of customers vehicles

Hi Steve,

Please accept this endorsement of your Glare treatment and detailing of my Boxster. Over-exposure to exaggerated claims of all kinds regarding car-care treatments and products generates scepticism. Add to that the cost involved and it becomes even more difficult to take the plunge.

Having spent more than an hour examining the paint on new vehicles in a dealership showroom and taking the time to compare it to my paint today I am compelled to say that my finish looks BETTER than ‘showroom’ new. It has been more than a year since the treatment and it has remained easy to clean, bright and smooth. It bears repeating- this car is ten years old and the paint looks better than the paint on new cars at the dealership.

The stippled finish even on high-end news cars is pretty disappointing- except when you realise that MortonAuto could make any new car look like it actually is new, rather than looking like it came from my neighbour’s spray-can backyard bodyshop.

So- would I recommend your Glare treatment based on my experience? Absolutely and enthusiastically!


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